kids on monkey bars
The Little Farm

Play Field

Come learn, explore and play this weekend at the farm.

Here at The Little Farm we are all about building community. We welcome school groups, families, community partners, and local businesses to learn, gather, and enjoy.

The Little Farm Play Field features:

  • Swings
  • Rope Bridge
  • See Saw
  • Hanging Bars
  • Jungle Gym
  • and more!

We look forward to creating beautiful experiences and meaningful connections, all while providing a safe space for play and exploration. We are so grateful to all of you for sharing with us!

Tree and Flowers
Discovery Awaits!
Swing on our swings, go up and down on our see saw, climb on our jungle gym & enjoy the sun while picnicking on blankets
What You’ll Find

Have Fun in Our Play Field



Children can be kids at the farm. They play, climb, swing, jump and gather on our play field. We have swings so they can feel the fresh air in their hair. A jungle gym so they can climb to the top and bars to just hang out.

FUN FACT: Being in nature is healthy for our children


Hang & Swing

Swing on our swings and hang on our bars. Hanging around is what we do best!

FUN FACTS: Exploring with a friends make the farm more fun

Boys & Girls

Get Dirty!

Allowing your kids to play in dirt fosters collaborative play, creativity, as well as authentic connection and care of the earth experiences. Come get your hands dirty today at The Little Farm!

More Attractions
  • The Little Farm Miami Native Rockland

    Native Rockland

    The Little Farm now has a native rockland featuring natural landscape limestone and rocks which serve as a happy home for our goats and sheep

  • The Little Farm Miami Snacking Garden Vegetables

    Snacking Garden

    The Little Farm now features a beautiful snacking garden with vegetables and herbs which flourish in the South Florida sun. Come and learn about how to grow veggies, keep them protected from harmful insects and promote healthy soil.

  • The Little Farm Apiary - Honey Bees


    Visit our apiary to learn all about honey bees, their behavior, their products and how we care for them. Bees help our farm in so many ways!

  • The Little Farm Miami Animal Experiences and Petting Zoo

    Animal Interactions

    Here at The Little Farm we offer a hands-on farm experience where you can enjoy a morning of animal interactions. We offer a goat milking and feeding presentation, an open barn to see and touch our animals, pony rides, and more.

  • The Little Farm Miami Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden

    Learn about some of the different pollinators that we host right here on the farm. You may be able to see caterpillars and butterflies at varying stages of their lifecycle, bees buzzing about, and hummingbirds zooming from tree to tree.